Blood-C: Truly, a fully embellished story.

A promise of blood, guts, and Lovecraftian monsters, a disgustingly tasteless sequel delivered. As one of my lovely friend declares: “Blood-C is ambiguous at best.” It has been stripped of all the wonderful assets that made Blood+ a memorable anime and is left hollow, completely without substance. I am so utterly disappointed. It left a vile taste which may never be cleansed regardless of how the following episodes proceed.

CLAMP, famous for magical girls and sultry temptresses, is simply not able to adapt. The Blood series is gritty. It’s filled with harrowing monsters and engaging characters. What is this clumsy moe nonsense? Who would introduce nine characters and foreshadow them all in the span of ten minutes? Where is the beautiful swordplay and sexy chevaliers? Why is there such a heavy emphasis on school life?

If only, if only.

Jacqivarius: The worst affront is that the directors focus so heavily upon the high school aspect rather than what the series is supposed to be about. It’s a mess with no semblance of pacing or atmosphere. One moment Saya is in a classroom laughing at jokes and then, all of a sudden, she has flashes of symbolic images which are never further explained. Never does she look out of the windows to see a miasma covering the city therefore confirming her darkest fears nor is there an omniscient view of some evil warlord preparing to invade the city. The scene afterwards is of her playing basketball. Excuse me? I guess they’re trying to convey that Saya isn’t a clumsy imbecile but that’s rather abrupt and unnecessary. Light-hearted and oppressive isn’t a popular combination for a reason, especially if they try to cram it all into the same scene.

All that I wanted from this show was for Saya to dance the seductive dance of death. Instead she gets manhandled, throws her sword, and proceeds to hack away with no apparent skill. The previously impregnable defences of her opponents melt away for no apparent reason. It makes no sense. It’s horrible! I hate it; I detest it.

The music makes even less sense. Oh, the music is horrendous. Saya is happily skipping down the street to a dirge. She dithers about on the street, drowned in a silence perfect for an encounter only to have the tension broken by a puppy. A grandiose piece that would more suit a devious baron watching his plan play out accompanies our lackluster protagonist as she gets battered and beaten up by a small fry. It’s confusing.

I wish that they would stick to one genre. Either have the action or don’t.


Fabulously blob-like splatters. For decorative purposes of course.

Serenata: Seven minutes of chatter at the local café. An additional five minutes of needless blabber in the enjoyment of a magnificent lunch. A minute spent on the heroine and a strange dog inquisitively gazing at one another. Two minutes of singing. Three minutes of spotlight on probable love interests. Four minutes and a half of mind-blowing swordplay. A total of eighteen minutes of my youth left rotting in the bin. Unfortunately for me, it’s non-reusable.

Though it’s much too early to establish any ground-breaking assumptions, it’s never too late to furiously criticize CLAMP’s creative storyline. Where questions were anticipated to be given answers, a mirror of the previous episode glorifies the fans with sentiments of ennui and self-pity. Save for a few minor differences – I highlight minor – episode two is once again mundane and ambiguous, though more of the former than anything.

My first impression remains unchanged: Blood-C leaves a bitter aftertaste of “oh, it could have been better”.

The food talk is overwhelming. I may be a food addict but had I intended to indulge myself with an anime on food, I would have done so long ago. The action’s decent but terribly short-lived in stark contrast to the comedy which fails to amuse me and a heroine, who despite her “athletic” skills, is useless without her extraordinary sword. Whatever happened to blood-infused weaponry? And hello, any regenerative powers?


This is supposed to be Guimauve. Marshmallow in other words.

Blood-C is treading on extremely thin ice. Two episodes of ordinary life before shit hits the fans. Or will that be three? The preview doesn’t comprise a bright future for this pitiful series.

– Serenata and Jacqivarius


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