No.6// A rage induced address on homophobia.

Exchanging banter over a succulent bowl of pork stew, Shion and Nezumi watch as the typhoon rocks the window panes. Rain splatters against the glass. Their hair is still glistening from the wet. A sarcastic gibe and they launch into each other. Nezumi mounts Shion. Hot breath gently caresses Shion’s ear,  his eyes are filled with naivety. The nape of his neck is exposed as Nezumi digs into flesh. A fit of laughter. They roll but this time end up side by side. Nezumi still clutching. Their hands clasp mingling sweat and body heat. A genius and a convict.

Technically, the above paragraph is not shounen-ai. It is not yaoi or homosexual. There is no genitalia poking nor is there mouth to mouth. Nezumi is not savagely removing articles of clothing. Romance is not involved no mater how sexually insinuating this is. Imagine if Shion and Nezumi were brutish warlords and the gibes more foul than sarcastic. The entire scene changes. If they were kissing or having sex, then it is impossible to say they are not.

Adding in the words, it becomes violent instead of sexual.

While reading various message boards and forums, it seems that many No.6 viewers are convinced that this is shounen-ai based simply on the fact that the two main characters were holding hands towards the end of the episode. Holding hands does not have to be sexual. It is usually a sign of companionship and being comfortable with the other. Besides, they’re tweleve!

In the context of the show this hand holding makes sense. The kiss that Safu gives Shion makes sense. No.6 is a city driven by technology where human interaction is at a minimum. The mother is literally in the other room but calls Shion on the intercom to advise him that dinner is ready. She could yell but that’s obviously not couth. It’s utopian, a perfect society right? The act of playing, knitting, and holding hands are only there to symbolize humanity. It could also be used to foreshadow their friendship to be. It is not sexual in the slightest.

There is one more thing.

Nezumi had Shion in a grapple. He was gripping the wrist because that’s how you restrain movement. However, once Shion noticed that Nezumi’s hand was abnormally warm, he slid his own hand upwards in order to check for a fever. The palm is much more sensitive than the wrist after all.

They weren’t even fucking holding hands.

Wrist is being held.

Sliding upwards to confirm if he has a fever.

– Jacqivarius


7 thoughts on “No.6// A rage induced address on homophobia.

  1. I sometimes can’t help but feel that the fandom who accepts glorifies such pairings as well. It’s not that they elicit negative response from homophobes (entirely not the yaoi community’s fault), but such responses only validate their delusions and further thicken their shipping goggles.

    • ¯\_(-_-;)_/¯ Those who are vocal in any community are usually the ones who glorify or detest. I just find it hilarious because Nezumi and Shion weren’t even holding hands.

      Of course there is the 34th rule of the internet. I dread the day it happens though it probably already has. Their delusions will become reality and we’ll never see the end of it.

  2. Yeah, I don’t really get the hysteria over it, either. Although this was a clearly homo-erotic scene, there’s really nothing here to get up-in-arms about, either. I guess it just goes to show the collective maturity of the anime community isn’t very… sophisticated! 😦

    Personally, I’d be quite interested to see them integrate a real homosexual relationship into a serious series like this. No subtext, just a normal couple.

  3. I’m sure you have seen the last episode of No.6…yeah…slashers weren’t delusional after all, now were they?=) Even though this scene doesn’t prove anything, just two boys bonding, the rest of the series adds a lot to this. That’s all I want to say.

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