The Author: Miyauchi Saya

Smut? Perhaps but in actuality, it's so much more.

I find that my tastes in literature and manga is strange to say the least. I’m not looking for an intricate frame story nor jaw dropping art. To me, the most important aspect of any piece of reading is the narrative that is provided by the author. It may be difficult for me to discuss the various topics displayed in Miyauchi’s manga so bear with me as I attempt to word myself without being too crude or politically incorrect.

Miyauchi Saya is unique when it comes to her pacing and style. The sporadic and carefree nature in her works contrast incredibly well with the controversial topics that she covers. Abuse, teenage pregnancy, and the delicate balance of our society are all matters that people usually regard as “another person’s problem” but Miyauchi uses these contended topics as the main focus of her manga. These are not problems that a single person can handle, it requires another.

When the topic of abuse or peer pressure are divulged, the general response is to ask another for help. Friendship is a very necessary thing in the world. A commonality between each of Miyauchi’s manga is camaraderie. Whether it be an seeing eye dog, ironically named Eye as well as Ai, or a bumbling hoodlum thief, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I look at it this way, everyone has an overflow of trust and they must rid it or experience the pangs of loneliness. This excess can be imposed upon someone that can be trusted. The entrusted can then be referred to as a friend an mutual cooperation can ensue.

In her work “Akkan Baby”, a teenager is impregnated as a result of naivety and unprotected sex. The rational thing to do would be to consult a parent and perhaps devise a solution to the problem. However, this may not be the correct decision. In an ideal world, sex would normally only be used to conceive a child. It’s obvious that this is not the case but conception is still the main purpose of sex. I digress, the fact of the matter is that while any so called normal person would think of abortion first, Miyauchi’s naive and childlike characters convey an innocent take on the subject, an untainted opinion. As transitions are not her strong point, the story jumps from accepting pregnancy to parenthood and the satisfaction of caring for a child. I have stated before that Miyauchi is sporadic, and I meant it. From this it jumps to convincing a stubborn and headstrong society that this is simply a challenge to overcome. And then to a metaphorical dictatorship complete with riots and peacemakers. This three volume manga has already broken many social boundaries. Each with Miyauchi’s own interpretation on the subject, usually the morally good decision of a “stupid” couple.

Now, being a rather cynical and sarcastic person, you can see why I would like this author. I am likely looking too far into this as these are shoujo manga but I feel compelled to. I am normally annoyed by airhead characters but in this case, the issues displayed are more easily rectified if the protagonist is an idiot. If everyone in the world was an idiot, these problems would have never occurred in the first place. Again, I would like to emphasize the simplistic nature that Miyauchi utilizes. Hugely controversial but approached in the correct manner.

If you’re a fan of shoujo manga, you will like this author. It tugs at the heartstrings.

If you’re a fan of topics that may be otherwise politically unsafe, you will like this author.

If you’re like me and over think EVERYTHING then you will like this author.

I’ve only showcased a select few of my favorites from her but I’m sure that there are more that would intrigue readers. I highly recommend this author, unless you’re a gar beefcake in which case you would hate this with a passion.


2 thoughts on “The Author: Miyauchi Saya

  1. It’s pretty rare for me to see manga that deals with serious issues. In fact, most manga seems to be sheltered in a fantastic world, with a different set of problems and conflicts. It’s kind of refreshing to see an author unafraid to go into this area. I can’t remember ever reading anything about teen pregnancy (excluding distasteful doujins with misleading yuri covers that I always seem to click into…).

    • That’s very true. Most authors completely avoid a realistic world. I was very surprised when I read this, I hadn’t seen much of it in the way of manga.

      This is likable because Miyauchi keeps the issues contained. It’s still very much an enjoyable shoujo manga on the surface.

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